AICUF (All India Catholic University Federation)

AICUF (All India Catholic University Federation)
The All India Catholic University Federation is a movement of university students and is often indicated by the acronym, AICUF. In 1924, this movement was started in St.Joseph's College, Trichirappalli by Rev Fr Carty SJ. Later it spread its wings all over India and now it operates in 14 states of India. The former Principal of the college Prof. Kennedy Fernadez-an alumnus of St. Joseph’s College, Trichy, who firmly believed that AICUF can bring in greater changes in the life of students, started this movement in our college in 2005. From then AICUF is a very active body in the college encouraging and involving not just catholic students but also students of other beliefs and faiths.

Aims and Objectives

To enable Christian students to play a prophetic role in their communities through a critical understanding of their faith, drawing inspiration from the Gospels, the Eucharist and their prayer life.

To help students evolve spirituality that has humanization as its core, through involvement and reflection.

To enable students to develop a critical awareness and analysis of the Indian and world situation, to cultivate a deep and genuine concern for the oppressed and marginalized and to effectively commit themselves to the task of building a new and just society.

To motivate students to become involved in studies, research and activities within the university.

“To create a new and just Society”

“To progress in the history of constant re-discovery and re- creation and link itself to the emerging needs and realities of the university, the church and the wider society”

The membership for AICUF is open to university students who share the ideals of the movement as enshrined in its constitution. However, every member state has the autonomy to decide on its own policy regarding membership. Every member is entitled to participate in all the decision - making activities of the unit. However, a member can be selected as an office-bearer only on completion of one year in the AICUF

AICUF's structure is geared to ensure its mass students movement character. The AICUF functions at the national, state, regional and unit level. The state is the primary decision making body in AICUF. The various states are linked at the national level as members of a federation.

• Conducting Prayer Services
• Hosting Christian Celebrations
• Taking students to old age homes/destitute homes
• Conducting rallies and walkathons to sensitize the society
• Participating in State/National Level Seminars