Blood Donation Camp

The blood donation camp at St. Joseph’s Evening College (Autonomous) was organized on Tuesday, December 19, 2017, in collaboration with NIMHANS and Kidwai Cancer Institute Hospital. It began at 4:30 pm and continued up to 8:30 pm with a steady stream of donors throughout. The corridor on the ground floor of the college was abuzz with young students chatting with each other, happy to be part of lending a helping hand in service of the needy in society.

The college library premises were used for both the medical check-up of potential donors as well as setting up the beds for blood donation. The donors rested and recuperated for a while before they left the venue. They were provided with juice, biscuits and a banana. It was great to see more people than the pre-registration numbers turning up at the venue. As a result, NIMHANS collected 90 units of blood and Kidwai Cancer Institute Hospital collected 87 units of blood, with a total of 177 units being collected that evening.

The samples were carefully sealed and transported away while volunteers helped in shifting the equipment and cleaning up the area. The donors received certificates of recognition while the college received certificates of appreciation from NIMHANS and Kidwai Cancer Institute Hospital.

We thank our Principal, the staff, the volunteers and the students for coming forward and working together for this great cause.