Christmas Celebration

What better way to end the year than to come together as an Institute to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. The students and staff of St Joseph’s Evening College gathered together in the St Joseph’s Boys’ High School auditorium on December 20, 2017 for an evening of fellowship. The mood was defined at the outset with the distribution of cake and the singing of carols. Students and staff of different religious affiliations expressed what Christmas meant for them. Entertainment was aplenty with the students dancing to new renditions of traditional carols, the staff coming together to sing carols, and the inimitable Santa Claus making his appearance in style. The essence of Christmas, a spirit of love and sharing, pervaded the evening’s celebrations through a skit presented by the students, beautiful messages delivered by the chief guest and staff, and a heart-warming song rendered by Fr. Maxim Dias SJ, Principal, St. Joseph’s Evening College. It was truly an evening to remember.