Cleanliness drive at Lalbagh. I.B.Com B


We always love to be in a society that is clean and green. While we all expect a pollution-free environment, how many of us actually make an effort towards making that a reality?

It’s true that civic agencies are responsible for taking care of our society but it’s also important that we realize our responsibilities to our society and environment and do our share. And we the students of SJEC just did that.

On November 25, 2017, Sunday, when everybody else was relaxing, a team of around 50 students led by Ms. Priya, gathered at one of Bangalore’s most iconic parks “Lalbagh” not only known for its flower show but also to address its litter problem. We divided ourselves into small groups and were sent in different directions to clear out aluminium cans, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, soft drinks bottles, etc.

It was an initiative to bring awareness to not only the public but also the students of SJEC about environmental waste. By the examples set by the students I hope that at least a few more people make use of the dumping facilities and drop their garbage into the bins.

It was an amazing experience: getting our hands dirty, contributing to the Swatch Bharath mission, getting a sense of social concern, etc. So the next time we think about throwing something in the open, we’ll think twice because of the cleanliness drive which cleared the dirt not only from Lalbagh but also from our minds.

A report by
Kiran Raj
1st B.Com B