Sessions on Counseling & Self-esteem Development

On July 8, 2017, sessions on counseling and self-esteem development were conducted for a period of two hours for the boys of first year degree at St. Joseph’s Evening College. Three resource persons were invited for these sessions.

The first session was conducted by Fr. Jude, SJ whose topic was based on counseling. He began with the question: what is counseling? This made our students come up with creative answers. There was also a debate and a time for discussion, which made the session interesting.

The second session was conducted by Mr. Ashlon, Head of Department, Department of Psychology. He too began with a question: what is the difference between living and existing? He spoke to our students on seven important of principles for living a meaningful and productive life:
1. Be Genuine; it means to be authentic and not fake.
2. Be Confident; your opinion about yourself is the only one that actually matters.
3. Be Present; learn from the past, plan for the future, live in the present.
4. Be Ambitious; this involves three steps: Dream, Believe and Fight for your dream.
5. Be Hardworking; we have to hardworking as there is no substitute for the hard work.
6. Be Self-Disciplined; be aware of procrastination (which means postponing) and be careful of time-wasters (for example, addiction to social media)
7. The last one is to be in control of your thoughts and feelings; the remote control for our minds is in our hand: we have to take control of our decisions, feelings and thoughts, and not blame others.

The last session was conducted by Fr. Robin who is presently a student of psychology. His topic was: Emotion and Empathy. The session contained three video clips:
1. The first video was based on Prejudice.
2. The second spoke about how relationships are made the moment we understand our differences.
3. The last video was based on trans-genders.