Cycle Rally

A report on ‘Cycle rally for Communal Harmony by St. Joseph’s Evening College’
The Harmony association of St. Joseph’s Evening college, along with AICUF organized a cycle rally to promote communal harmony and peace on 20th August 2017. As many as 120 students from five colleges participated in it. The cycle rally commenced from St. Joseph’s Evening college campus to Town hall. Standing on the steps of Town Hall, Mr. Jerrin Chandan the lecturer from St. Joseph’s Evening college spoke about the need for inclusion. He was of the opinion that we need to acknowledge the differences that exist and have the magnanimity of heart to accept and live with it. “Inclusion and not exclusion is the answer to our present concerns” he said. Mr. John Paul addressed the gathering and appreciated their concern and spirit in promoting communal harmony which is the need of the hour. Fr. Maxim Dias SJ, the principal of St. Joseph’s Evening College addressed the gathering and said that one does not have any right to promote one’s religion if he or she is not open to listen to the wisdom in other religion. He also said that harmony does not mean that we blindly accept everything but rather it demands that we have the courage to identify the elements that divide us and fight against it. He led the gathering into singing ‘We shall overcome’ song. The rally came to an end with the oath taking conducted by the principal himself.