Entrepreneurship Development Cell (ED-Cell), SJEC is a student’s organization dedicated to promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among students.

Entrepreneurship is the next big thing that our country needs to exploit full potential of the innovative youth of the country, promote the economy and raise the overall quality of the society. E-Cell, tries to realize the vision by developing the entrepreneurial environment by providing easy and effective interaction of the student body, experienced professionals, successful entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists and corporates.

E-Cell is a perfect place to start, to start up, and to start up big. With a team that is dedicated to entrepreneurship with passion untold, E-Cell SJEC is sure to bring out the entrepreneurial skills in students.

To develop the entrepreneurial skills among the students and provide it to the society for the development of country.

To set up a platform to perform entrepreneurial tasks which makes them move from employed to self employed.

The basic aim of ED-Cell is to encourage college-level students today to start their own enterprise.

Organising Workshops and Lectures periodically to create awareness about entrepreneurship.

Conducting various competitions that identifies entrepreneurial skills

To connect students with the successful entrepreneurs

Functioning as a guide for students with creative ideas which can be transformed into successful companies.

Providing Mentorship through individuals for students launching their start-ups.

To collaborate with Entrepreneurial institutes like EDI, NEN, AWAKE, MSME-DI etc Back