English Literary Club
The English Literary Club aims at instilling and enhancing English Literary skills in students. It acts as a catalyst to promote literary activities in the college. The English literary club embodies the vibrant youngsters of the college possessing a flair for literature and language. The club is a space and community for the students to share their ideas and thought. The students are engaged deeply in the literary activities to strive for artistic excellence in all the works they produce. It is a blend of creativity with facts and makes the learning experience truly alive and real.

The wide spectrum of literary activities undertaken by the English literary club includes panel discussion, writing competition such as poetry writing, collage, essay writing and short story writing. These activities not only give an opportunity to students to show their literary creativity but also make them rigorous and innovative.

The club envisions to instill and enhance English Literary skills within the student population of St Joseph’s Evening College.

The club aims:

  • To impart necessary skills and confidence to the students, enabling them to use English as a tool for effective communication
  • To facilitate a generation of confident speakers
  • To showcase the talents of the students who are interested in writing poetry and short stories.