Guest Lecture on Entrepreneurship

On July 17, 2017, the final year B.Com students of St. Joseph’s Evening College were treated to an eye-opening guest lecture on Entrepreneurship by renowned entrepreneur and guest professor, Prof. T.R. Dayalan. After a warm welcome speech by Ms. Priya, Prof.Dayalan proceeded to educate the students on a pioneering project launched by the Government of India entitled “Start-up India.”

The students were informed that under the watchful eyes of “Start-up India”, aspiring entrepreneurs would be given access to a corpus ranging from Rs.2,500 crores to Rs. 10,000 crores based on the significance of their ideas in the fields of education, agriculture, healthcare, digital innovation etc.

The mission of “Start-up India” is to convert job seekers into job creators; the government would leave no stone un-turned in ensuring that projects with potential were keenly guided towards becoming full-fledged operations.

After the talk on “Start-up India”, Prof. Dayalan went on to give the students information on what they could expect in a job interview, and tips on how to crack a job interview successfully.

The interactive and fun-filled program concluded with a vote of thanks.