Harmony Association

"Harmony is when people are all getting along together."
"Harmony is when people are nice to one another."
"Harmony is the flow of life."

It is of utmost importance to understand and respect others. By studying other cultures we can learn the differences and similarities between people living in different countries around the world and also within the country.

The state of being in harmony may be described as a combination of all favourable things like peace, friendship, fellowship, solidarity, cooperation, understanding, unity, sympathy, like-mindedness and more.

It is important to find balance in our lives, balance of our mind, emotion, work, and play. And for this it is necessary to be in harmony, which is a collective state of all the above things mentioned.

The unique contribution that each person can make to the ongoing cause of human progress is through imagination and hard work. This helps people to live in harmony with each other rather than fighting or arguing among themselves.

Thus, with the vision "to prepare men and women to work in unity towards making the world a better place", we at SJEC have started Harmony Association, to imbibe the above said things among each other and uphold the motto of "World Peace".