Visit to Home of hope . B. Com A

Being kind and helpful is not a favour done to someone; it is doing service to God. We, the students of 2nd B.Com ‘A’, were merely being a part of one such service done by Mr. AutoRaja at the ‘Home of Hope’.

‘Home of Hope’ is home to those people who are mentally and physically ill and also to those unfortunate souls who were left to die on the streets. Our college provided us with a huge opportunity to care for such people and help them in small ways as they organised our outreach to this holy place on August 20, 2017. The place was built from a single stone and now it houses a large number of needy men, women and children in the different wings of the facility. AutoRaja takes care of these people and provides for their needs. Alcohol addiction made him a thief at the age of 17 and he was put behind bars. He says that’s where he got his motivation and inspiration to serve people through the teachings of the Lord Jesus; ever since, he has not looked back. His words were very inspiring to all of us and we did feel the pain and suffering of the people there through a documentary that defines the ‘Home of Hope’. There was no more melancholy in their lives; they are now happy under AutoRaja’s care. All the inmates love him so much that they call him ‘daddy’ for being there for them when no one else was, and for caring for them when no one else cared. People at the ‘Home of Hope’ are taught to work and do things on their own so that they don’t feel dependent and they are always kept motivated and bubbling with positivity. Seeing all those smiling faces gave us hope and a reason to move ahead in life. We would surely love to go there often and try to help them, talk to them and care for them. We ended our visit with a nice dance where all the inmates joined us with full zeal to put their best foot forward. They looked very joyful and that’s when we realised what true happiness is.

“Do not wait for the next Mother Theresa when you can be one yourself” - AutoRaja

It was a very educative and inspiring visit. We will definitely try to keep up this spirit of service.

We did see hope and joy in the ‘Home of Hope’

AutoRaja’s office, the place where service begins

Some of the many accolades presented to AutoRaja for his social concern and humanitarian services

AutoRaja’s home for those who do not have a house

Our students lifting up the inmates spirits through dance

Everyone in rhythm with joy

A well-spent day with inspiring experience

It was a very educative and inspiring visit and we surely learnt a lot from it and we will definitely try to keep up this service.
By 2nd B.Com A