Ignatian Week

The inaugural program of the Ignatian Week was held in the audio-visual room of St. Joseph’s Evening College (Autonomous) at 5:20 pm on 16th July, 2018. The Chief Guest was Rev. Fr. Joy Rodriguez, SJ, who was accompanied by our college Principal Dr. Albert Smith and our Vice Principal Dr. Priya S. Naveen and team from 2nd B.Com invoked God's blessings with a prayer dance. The college choir led us with Bible reading and a prayer song. We had a speech by our chief guest Rev. Fr. Joy Rodriguez SJ who ignited the AICUFers with his talk. All the office bearers along with the AICUFers took their oath which was lead by Mr. Prashanth Kumar, the State Animator of AICUF and our Student Governor. Mr. Ebenezer Sam, the staff coordinator of AICUF called upon Fr. Joy Rodriguez SJ to badge the new office bearers of 2018-19. The Office bearers for the year 2018-19 are:

Vice President:
Cultural Secretary:
Joint Secretary:
Outreach Coordinator:
Ivan Joel (3rd B.Com A)
Navya Spoorthi B (2nd B.Com A)
Dominic (3rd B.Com A)
Arul Issac (2nd BCA)
Naveen Prasad (2nd B.Com A)
Jeshwanth (2nd B.Com A)

Our Vice Principal Dr. Priya S spoke a few words and thanked the Controller of Examinations Mr. John Bosco for his presence despite his busy schedule.
The informal program was held in the quadrangle at 6:45 pm. At the entrance of the college, there were huge posters depicting the "Ignatian Week" and our patron St. Ignatius of Loyola. The minute one set foot in the college quadrangle, one could feel the vibrancy as we saw various students involved in a flash mob. It set the mood for the celebration. The tone of the decoration was very festive as the whole college had gathered for the program.
The Gathering was addressed by Dr. Albert Smith, who encouraged the gathering with a motivational speech. Our college Director Rev. Fr. Arun Prashanth D'souza SJ, our Vice Principal Dr. Priya S, and our Chief Guest Rev. Fr. Joy SJ were also present at the gathering. Mr. Ebenezer Sam, the staff coordinator, along with our college Director, our Principal, our Vice Principal, and Fr. Joy SJ revealed the posters of the Ignatian Week. Mr. Ebenezer Sam thanked everyone present there and the informal program concluded at 7:10 pm.

The events for Ignatian Week started on 17th July 2018. The events for the first day were: painting, poster making, face painting, creative writing, collage and rangoli. The students took part actively and performed well in all the events. The events for the second day were: dumb charades, pick and speak, and elocution. The participants were able to speak on the spot when the topics were given and impressed the judges. On the third day, there were on-stage singing events. The participants came up with melodious songs and it was really amazing. The following events were held on the fourth day of Ignatian Week: mime and skit. The students were able to convey their message only through facial expressions and impressed the judges with their acting skills. And finally the Ignatian Week concluded with the following stage events: western solo dance, western group dance, eastern solo dance, and eastern group dance.
The events were successful and ended well with the help of the Almighty and his grace. All this would not have happened without Mr. Ebinezer Sam, the State coordinator of AICUF who was backbone for all the events. He delegated tasks and responsibilities to all the event managers and coordinators.
We also thank Mr. Prashanth, the State Animator of AICUF and the Student Governor of our College, who indirectly supported all the events and has been a great source of encouragement for the student council.