Guest Lecture on Life Skills

On July 22, 2017, the 2nd year students from the B.Com stream were engaged by renowned Life Skills Coach Mr. Syed Kazim on Ten Essential Life Skills that are needed for every person to lead a happy and successful life. The respected guest speaker was welcomed by Assistant Professor Ms. Shruthi.

The lecture started with Mr. Kazim explaining the need for Life Skills education. He went on to discuss certain issues which give rise to the need to study these skills.

Following this, Mr. Kazim discussed ten essential life skills, namely, Self-Awareness, Empathy, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Interpersonal Relationships, Effective Communication, Coping with Emotions, Coping with Stress.

It was a fun-filled and interactive session which involved a lot of thought-provoking activities which Mr. Kazim used to illustrate the various Life Skills. The students visibly enjoyed the session.

By: Dominic Roshan K.L
Sam K. Sunny