HARMONY FEST *Mayura* 2018

Within the first two months of the New Year 2018, we witnessed one of the most memorable events at St. Joseph’s Evening College. It is none other than “THE HARMONY FEST (INTER CLASS) 2018” with the theme “Mayura 2k18”.

The fest began with the entry of the chief guest followed by a couple of events like chanakya (religious quiz), face painting, rangavalli etc. It was organized on Sunday, February 11, which allowed students of all streams to participate comfortably. It was a three-hour program. It was a unique experience because of the message it conveyed. All the members of the harmony club worked hard to make this event successful.

Such events can leave a great impact on the life of a student. They not only help them learn new things but most importantly help them inculcate moral values. The team work which they learnt from it is like the icing on the delicious cake.