Visit to museum

27 students from the Department of History visited the Government Museum, Bengaluru, on November 19, 2017. The Government Museum, located on Kasturba Road, is the second oldest museum in South India. It is one of the greatest attractions in Bengaluru. It is now an archaeological museum with a rare collection of jewelry, coins, and inscriptions. There are a lot of Hoysala and architectural styles, musical instruments, and Mysore style paintings in the upper gallery. It was very informative for the students who enjoyed the visit.

The greatest attraction of the day was the exhibition on Inscription Stones of Bangalore. It is a civic activism project to raise awareness and protect ancient inscription stones [shilashasana] found in the Bengaluru region. The exhibition showcased photographs and digital 3D models of the last few remaining inscription stones in the Bengaluru region, recovered from various sites by the Department of Archeology, Heritage and Museums. Our students were wonderstruck at the great history behind these inscription stones. The exhibition is best experienced as a guided tour which takes around 2 hours. The students were quite inspired and motivated.

Prof. Jane D’Souza
HOD, Department of History