OSA (Out Station Students Association)

Aim: To bring together all students who are staying away from home, either in hostels, as paying guests, or with friends. Identify their needs with respect to jobs, accommodation, medical assistance, and legal aid where ever and however possible or necessary.

Membership:students of St. Joseph are evening college and St. Josephs Pre-university Evening College who are staying away from home and relatives.


  1. Provide appropriate guidance to students in academic matters
  2. Provide part time/ full time jobs to students whenever the need arises.
  3. Provide medical aid and financial assistance to students in case of medical emergencies.
  4. Provide legal aid to students where ever such an intervention becomes necessary.
  5. Promote academic course offered by the college with the help of members with the aim of reaching the working students.
  6. Create a self help group comprising mostly of students, faculty, legal experts etc.
  7. Create what’s app group to achieve this goal.