Outreach program (II year PG)

St. Joseph's Evening College believes in instilling in students a sense of social responsibility and social consciousness apart from imparting textual knowledge. True its mission it prepares men and women for others. The second year M.A and M.Com students accompanied by the faculty attended five days out-reach programme from 7 to 12th November in Manvi, Raichur. The out-reach programme provided them with an opportunity to expose themselves to a new reality and be enriched by the same. Students planted saplings, cleaned the field and picked up cotton for the villagers. The physical labour on the one hand gave them an opportunity to experience the slice of a village and on the other hand brought them into close proximity with nature. The students also visited many villages and were enriched by the rich cultural diversity and were also appalled by the discriminatory practices. They brought about social awareness and stressed on the importance of education through street plays, mime and dances. On the whole the enriching experience had a significant impact on their understanding of their surroundings.