Guest Lecture on Positive Thinking and Healthy Personality

The Department of Psychology organized a two-hour seminar on The Power of Positive Thinking on June 28, 2017. The resource person, Mrs. Audrey Pinto, is currently professor and Head of Department of M.Sc. Counselling, School of Social Work. The seminar was attended by 1st and 2nd year EJP, M.Com, and M.A. English students. Mrs. Audrey Pinto spoke about the importance of having a positive mind-set, starting from questioning ourselves as to who I am. She stressed the importance of knowing oneself so as to know and understand others. The seminar highlighted several ways in which we are all called to grow in maturity:

• From Ignorance to Knowledge;
• From Amorality to Morality;
• From Incompetency to Competency;
• From Pleasure to Reality;
• From Self-centeredness to Other-centeredness;
• From Short-term interest to Long-term interest.
The students found the interactive session very beneficial.

Report By
K.B Khulianliu & Rebecca
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