Rally on violence against women . I B.Com B

“A change in your society starts within ‘YOU’.”

One of the major objectives of SJEC is to raise men & women for the service of others.

The reason behind these programmes is very simple: to involve students in real life situations and to give them an experience of what’s really happening in our society.

A Rally against “Women Harassment”

On a sunny-cool afternoon of November 24, 2017, the students of SJEC along with the volunteers of Sorpotimist International rallied around Anil Kumble circle near MG road, which is one of the main junctions in Bangalore.

The students along with the other volunteers were more than 120 in number. We gathered there to protest against the violence meted out to women in our society. The protest was not a violent one, but it was based on Gandhian principles, a standing in silence at the traffic signals of MG road with placards that shout out words that may strike a chord in the hearts of all!

The rally was an eye-opener to many students as they were exposed to real problems of our society. They were challenged to get involved and support and fight against women harassment.

This wasn’t just an ordinary day for us but a special one because, on this day, the bonds between us grew stronger as all of us stood together against something evil in society. There was a sense of unity amongst us. It was a thought-provoking initiative that led every student to take our social concerns more seriously and be more responsible by starting the change within ourselves.