Secretary & Treasurer

An experience in life filled St. Ignatius with burning zeal for the service of God and of Humanity. This fire or zeal of Ignatius for the service of God and Humanity expressed itself in various ways and one of the ways was the education of youth. Jesuit education is to enthuse people for true and honest search for the knowledge of God, Self, Others and Creation. It is to ignite the conscience of the people not only to live for themselves but for others.

Jesuit education aims at social transformation that builds a just society with equal opportunity for all. With this aim in mind St. Joseph’s Evening College strives to educate the youth of Bengaluru. The College provides special opportunity to the working youth of Bengaluru to learn.

St. Joseph’s Evening College, a temple of learning, creates a thirst for knowledge, and an authentic search for it. Through education it tries to bring out the latent talents and abilitiesin the students and to develop them to the fullest potential. That is why the college places emphases both on academics as well as on various extra and co-curricular activities. A number of activities are conducted to bring out the potential of the students. It tries to enkindle a fire or zeal within them, zeal for life and for the wellbeing of others.

I wish that all the students studying in this institution become seekers of true knowledge. May they become agents of transformation and may they burn with a zeal for a just, humane society.

Jason Furtado. S J