Seminar on Cloud Computing and Automation

On July 21st 2018, the Department of Computer Applications organized a seminar on Cloud Computing and Automation in the AV room. The first session was about 'Automation'. The resource person was Mr. Lakshmikanth Nakarna, a senior QA engineer. He spoke about automation and its varieties. He also spoke about its uses and advantages.

The second session was on 'Cloud Computing'. The resource person was Mr. Aditya Sahu. He spoke on 'Cloud Computing Fundamentals'. It was an interactive session. He also explained cloud solutions, it’s advantages, and where it is used. The history of cloud computing was also explained. The importance of virtualization was discussed. He also explained software service, how it works and its advantages (for example, Gmail, FB, etc). He spoke about platform service and infrastructure service, with a demo on infrastructure, platform, and virtual mission to the students. He created Windows 7 virtual mission and explained the advantages and the speed of that system to the students. The session ended with a vote of thanks.