The 9th Synergy
The Department of Business Administration, St. Joseph’s Evening College, is organizing the 9th Synergy (2017 – 2018), which includes several events. The events began on August 19 and will conclude on September 9, 2017. The different events are:
1. Collage
2. Group Discussion
3. Micro Presentation
4. Business Quiz
5. Recycle Endorse
6. Enact an Ad
7. Article Review
8. Treasure Hunt
9. Mock Interview
10. Business Model.
On August 23, ‘Collage’ and ‘Article Review’ were organized. Students have actively participated in these events. Under the theme of “Recent Trends in Business”, students have taken a variety of topics to create their collages: ‘Advertisements publishing in Newspaper’, ‘Business Trends’, ‘World on the Street’ (everything is available in the street), ‘Innovation’ (New invention in the market and in different fields), ‘E – Commerce’, etc. They brought out innovative and creative ideas through these collages. They are displayed along the corridor in front of the Principal’s office.
The Article Review was a team event; each team consisted of 2 members. Participants analyzed the article given to them and gave their review on it. The articles were about Infosys, Mc Donald restaurants, Paytm, etc.
The event was informative and educative for everyone.

Report by:
Elizabeth Powell (2nd JPS)
Brenda Zoramthari (2nd EJP)