Inauguration of TALENTIA 2018-19

The Inauguration of Talentia was on Friday, 6th July, 2018 from 6:50 pm to 7:10 pm. There was good participation from students of various streams. The venue was the quadrangle, lit up with electric candles and decorated with posters around the venue. The event was inaugurated in the presence of our Principal Dr. Albert Smith, the inter-collegiate cultural coordinator Mr. John Paul, and the Student Council cultural secretaries. Introduction of the event was given by Ms. Raghavi, the cultural secretary from BCA, following which the Principal delivered his address on Talentia appreciating and encouraging students to participate in big numbers and use this platform to showcase their talents. After the performances, Mr. John Paul thanked the Principal, the faculty, and the Student Council for their efforts in making the event a success. The event ended with a group photo with the team.

Events for the Inauguration:
a. Beat Boxing
b. Flash-mob
c. Rapping
d. Painting