Tamil Fest

February 4, 2018, Sunday, marked an important event in St Joseph’s Evening College as the Department of Tamil celebrated the Inter Class Tamil Fest (Tamil Sanga Vizha). Unlike the other years, this year the fest began with an inaugural function in the college quadrangle, with the releasing of the Event Teaser. It made a significant difference; a lot of students took active part in the event. It was a weeklong programme with the variety of literary events (Essay Writing, Poem, Twist in a Tale, Short Story Writing etc.). On the 14th, cultural events like Solo and Group Singing, Solo and Group Dance, Mimicry, etc. were held. A large number of students participated from different classes. Our special guests were Fr. Selva SJ and Mrs. Stanley, Former Principal of St Joseph’s Evening College. Fr Selva, being a scholar himself, has much knowledge about the origin and growth of the Tamil language. Tamil is always young and expressive and is loved by all which was noticeable in the participants of that day. The crowd of students who gathered was not only from Tamil background but others as well. The Principal of SJEC, Rev. Fr. Maxim Dias, SJ, encouraged the student through his thoughts, words, gestures and his very presence. Mr. Surendrer and Ms Jelsho were the Masters of Ceremony. They kept us entertained throughout the day. Everyone who came was warmly welcomed. The department also had arranged lunch for all the students and their family members. The St. Joseph’s Arts and Science College students added color to the programme as they escorted the guests with the beat of the traditional drum. It was a time of being together and sharing of joy, irrespective of one’s language and culture. The programme marked its conclusion with a word of appreciation to all who were present. The entire program was inspiring, edifying, and motivating for all those who were present for the fest.