Tamil Fest

The Department of Tamil at St. Joseph’s Evening College organised an intercollegiate Tamil Fest on February 2 and 3 to honour and to pay respect to Tamil literature and culture. The chief guest for the day was R Vinod, Chief Editor, The Hindu Tamil newspaper.

Students from different colleges such as St. Aloysius College, St. Anne’s women degree College, St. Joseph’s art and science women, Hosur, St. Joseph College autonomous, Bangalore, Indian institute of Psychology and research college, Maharani women college, and Mount Carmel college, participated in the fest. This fest occurs every two years where major colleges in Bangalore turn up here and celebrate the Tamil culture with various cultural events such as solo/group singing, solo/group dance. Off stage events included nine stones, walking on the bricks, poetry, short story, and essay writing.

The main aim of this bi-yearly fest is to showcase the culture and talent of the students and to promote unity among them. Students from different colleges were pleased to participate and flaunt their talent.“I am overwhelmed. It was a great opportunity to meet other students who support and contribute the development of culture and talent,” said Vimala, a III B Com student and the President of the Tamil Department at SJEC“This is an event that brings all colleges together and brings out Tamil as not just a language, but an emotion, a feeling that we are all there to take the culture forward,” She added.