The cultural fest at St. Joseph’s Evening College, Tejas, was held from 28 - 30 July, 2017.

Day 1
The first day started off with a bang! The inauguration began with a flash mob- a fusion of classical and dance music. The chief guest of the event was Mr. Lokesh Kumar, a social activist and a TV personality. The Vice Principal, Professor Joy Alex, formally welcomed everyone to the cultural fest. A few events including debates and group discussions on recent political issues were organized that evening.

Day 2
Students were up and running all day. A variety of events were conducted: Solo-singing, duet-singing, collage-making, face-painting, vegetable-carving, cooking without fire, and costume character were some of them. The students also volunteered to clean up after the event, thus maintaining the cleanliness and decorum of the college.

Day 3
The final day of the cultural fest was also very exciting. Most of the events on this day were held in the L hall of the college. The personality hunt, also known as Mr. & Ms. Tejas, had several participants. Split-screen and dance competitions were held till late in the evening.

All through the event, participants, non-participant students, and faculty were a very responsive and fun-filled audience, who cheered along with enthusiasm and gusto!