St. Joseph’s Evening College (Autonomous) organized it’s annual inter-class mega cultural event, TEJAS, from Monday, 23rd July to Sunday, 29th July 2018. The inauguration of the event was held on Monday 23rd July with a flash mob followed by speeches from the Principal, Vice-Principal, and the Chief Guest. From the following day, the events were organized from 4 PM to 5 PM. Each event had a teacher coordinator and a student coordinator to arrange judges for the event and ensure the event went on well without any conflicts or issues. There were 53 events in all. Some of the events were: poetry writing, short story writing, poetry recitation, twist in a tale (Kannada, English, Hindi, and Tamil), debate, computer gaming, and mobile gaming. Saturday and Sunday were considered the mega days for TEJAS because all the important individual and group events were held on these two days. These included the following: flower arrangement, cooking without fire, pot painting, sketching, painting, vegetable carving, solo singing, group singing, mime, and ice-breakers. Many of the events happened simultaneously at various venues. The participation of students for both individual and group events was good. The events scheduled for Sunday included the following: rangoli, battle of bands, instrumental music, street play, solo dance (finals), Mr and Ms. Tejas, Samskrithi, and group dance. The class which gets the most points overall at TEJAS is considered the TEJAS title winner. This year’s results are as follows:
TEJAS title winner:
Third place:
Fourth place:
3rd year B.A.
3rd year B.B.A.
3rd year B.Com. B
3rd year B.Com. A

The events were organized very well under the guidance of Mr. Prashant Kumar, the Student Council Governor. At the prize distribution ceremony, he thanked everyone for all the support and hard work.

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