Violence against women

Crimes against Women and Legal Protection
The Women’s Cell of St. Joseph’s Evening College organized an awareness programme on November 27, 2017 for the 2nd year PG and UG students on the issue of “Crimes against Women and Legal Protection”. The programme was held in the audio- visual room for the women and in Loyola Hall for the men. The session was conducted by Mrs. Sneha Balaraj, a lecturer at St. Joseph’s Law College, Bangalore. It was a very fruitful and enriching session. It was an eye opener to all the students regarding the offenses that can be committed against women and the laws which protect our women from these crimes.

Mrs. Sneha explained the position of women, and the manner in which they were treated, in ancient India and how that was exploited after the coming of the Moghal emperor. She went on to talk about various kinds of crimes against women clearly with examples and under which section of the law these crimes could be filed.

The programme ended with a question-answer session where the students had the opportunity to clear their doubts. The students also gave their suggestions for altering the laws for the betterment of women in India.