AICUF Inaugaration

The St. Joseph’s Evening College unit of AICUF held an inaugural ceremony for the year 2019 on July 15th, 2019 in the AV room. The chief guest for the ceremony was Ms. Amita Priyadarshini, AICUF co-ordinator and faculty member at St. Joseph’s College (Autnomous). Sr. Saly Joseph, Mr. Prashanth Kumar, and Mr. Ebenezer were guests of honour and were felicitated during the programme.

The ceremony began with a short prayer led by Ms. Jalina, AICUF member, and the choir team. Mr. Prashanth then described the importance of AICUF as a student movement that provides support to the oppressed and marginalised in all sectors of society. Ms. Amita also stressed on the internal change that each AICUF member undergoes as they begin to partake in various activities organised by the unit. She stated that it is this internal change that will make every AICUF member a person who is truly invested in the service of others.

Following these speeches, the student council members of AICUF for this academic year were given their badges. Led by Mr. Joswin, staff co-ordinator of AICUF, and Mr. Jeshwanth, the President of AICUF, each member officially took on the roles and responsibilities associated with their post.

Mr. Jeshwanth then delivered the vote of thanks. After thanking all the guests, the staff and student co-ordinators, he expressed his hope that this year would be as fruitful as the previous one. He then invited all the AICUF members to carry forward the message and motto of the organisation - "We were born into an unjust society and we are determined not to leave it as we have found it".


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