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English Department

Prose, poetry, and audio-visual texts are selected with the motto to nurture, develop, educate, and inculcate in student’s humanitarian values for the future. Theme-based selection and organization of texts have not been followed. The texts cover a wide range of ideas from history to economics to social responsibility. The representation of texts from Indian writers and languages is included to expose our learners to the many “Indians of the mind.”

Description (Grammar and Communication Skills)

A glossary, probing questions, information about the author and suggestions for extended reading are included in the textbook at the end of each lesson. Grammar components are described and explained followed by exercises. This is intended to strengthen the vocabulary, aid reading comprehension, and help improve grammar, reading and writing skills. With each semester, the grammar and communication skills components are progressively graded to aid development of skills that would help learners in day to day communication and academic pursuits which prepares them for their professional endeavors in future. Emphasis will be on all the basic skills of language and analysis, and critical appreciation of texts. Inclusion of the audio-visual text will contribute towards this objective.

Vision statement
The department of English aims the students to become independent learners in English

Mission statement
To facilitate students with professionalism, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. To help students understand the nuances of life through language and literature

Mr. Jerrin Chandan S
Assistant Professor & HOD
MA Philosophy and MA English Literature (K-Set)
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Mr. Diwakar. P
Assistant Professor
M.A, M.Ed, (Ph.D)

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Ms. Shilpa Nataraj
Assistant Professor

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Mr. Jeffin Lijo J
Assistant Professor
MA (English), PGDCE (NET)

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Vismaya Vishwa
Assistant Professor
MA English
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