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Department of English

Towards critically reading Self, Society and the Imagined, We envision majors who grow in understanding of their own discipline within the broader context of liberal studies and global cultures.

Mission Statement:
The department of English contributes to students through a foundational knowledge of language and literature. It motivates them to use that learning with professionalism, critical thinking, and problem solving. It also enables them to use the acquired knowledge and abilities in their lives and career.


  1. The programme envisions to prepare students for the challenges of a teaching career through teaching assistantships that afford practical experience in lecture preparation, material production and testing practices.
  2. In keeping with the growing interest in literature and media studies, most of the papers redefine the ‘text’ by introducing non-conventional texts and areas of study.
  3. The programme helps the students to gain an in-depth knowledge of English Literature.
  4. It follows a professional way of learning the language.

Course Overview
Literature is a significant literary product of a society. The study of English literature offers insights into the world views of diverse societies. The Department of English at St. Joseph’s Evening College concentrates on providing an overview of Literature from aesthetic, linguistic, socio-political and cultural contexts. The curriculum for the PG programme develops the rich talents of students, offers near industry environment, and is contemporarily relevant, connecting to every aspect of society.
Mrs. Nargees Fathima
Associate Professor
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Ms. Shilpa Nataraj
Associate Professor
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Mr. Diwakar. P
Associate Professor
M.A, M.Ed, (Ph.D)
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Jerrin Chandan S
Associate Professor
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