Motto, Vision, Mission & Objectives

The motto of St. Joseph’s Evening College is ‘Fide et Labore’ meaning ‘Faith and Toil’, which is reflected in the Vision, Mission and Objectives of the College. Faith gives commitment to God, to one’s fellowmen and society at large. Toil ignites the spirit of commitment, consistency, concern, collaboration and conviction to serve.

The Vision of the College is “To prepare men and women for the service of others, specially the poor, oppressed and marginalized”. The Vision is sought to be achieved through a well-defined mission.

The mission is “To build up a group of young men and women who would be agents of change in the society and work towards a secular world of fraternity, equality and justice”. The mission is further formed into objectives which gives a definite direction to activities of the College.

These objectives are to strive towards Academic Excellence, Character Formation and Social Concern.

Academic Excellence is achieved through recruiting competent faculty, diversified and customized methodologies of teaching-learning, continuous internal assessment, academic mentoring, fostering Research & Development culture, timely Upgradation of syllabus through boards of studies, productive classroom activities, question banks, model question papers, project work, remedial classes, bridge course, study tours, certificate courses, value added courses, Faculty Development Programmes, Student Development Programmes, Seminars, Conferences, Symposia, Departmental Clubs and Associations, College Level Associations, IQAC, Academic Council and Governing Body.

1.Competitent Faculty
2.Diversified and customised teaching learning
3.Continous internal Assessment
4.Accademic Mentoring
5.Fosetering Resererch Culture
6.Up gradation of Syllabus
7.Class room activities
8.Project work
9.Remedial classes
10.Bridge Courses
11.Certificate Courses
12.Faculty and student Development programes
13.Seminars and conferences
14.Club and Asssociations

Character Formation is accomplished through organizing various activities such as Ignitors, Value Education, Human Resource Development classes, observing special days (Human Rights Day, World Aids Day, Women’s Day, World Environment Day, etc.), mentoring, counseling, leadership training, religious activities and business ethic courses. The pursuit of Academic Excellence, Social Concern and Character Formation are three inter-linked goals that guide the institution’s objectives, methods and practices. Emphasis is laid on the cultivation of intellectual competence, emotional maturity, social rootedness and cultural openness. Therefore, the Institution expects each graduate to be a mature person with sharp intellectual acumen, commitment to social justice and a secular, democratic and practical outlook. Thus, the College aims to achieve the Vision, Mission and Objectives by fostering the holistic development of the students.

1.Ingnitors Intergral Formation programe
2.Value education
3.Human Resource Development
4.Observing special Days. (Human Rights, World Aids day, Women‘s Day, World Enviourment Day, etc)
7.Leadership Training
8.Religious activities
9.Business Ethics Courses

Social Concern among the students is inculcated through rural exposure camps, outreach programmes, blood donation camps, Sneha Fund, visits to orphanages, social awareness campaigns (AIDS awareness, women empowerment, cleanliness drives, environmental awareness, child rights, human rights, etc.), SC/ST empowerment course, Women’s Cell, course in environmental science, etc.

1.Rural Exposure Camps
2.Outreach programes
3.Blood donation
4.Human Rights courses
5.Sneha Fund
6.Visits to orphanages
7.Social awarness
8.Campagins (Aids awareness, Women Empowerment, Cleanliness Driver, Enviourmental awarness, Child rights, Human Rights, etc)
9.SC/ST Empowerment Courses
10.Women’s cell
11.Courses in Environmental Sciences

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