President's Message

Education has always been a preferred and privileged field of service of the Jesuit Society right from its very beginnings, because the Founder, St Ignatius Loyola, realized how effective education could be in transforming society by transforming the individual.

Ever since that time the Jesuits have been heavily engaged in education in almost 100 and more countries of the world. In India too there are Jesuit institutions of education in almost every State, aiming at forming men and women for others who would be imbued with the values of Jesus Christ and become agents of social change. In recent decades, the attention of the Jesuits has been more and more focused on educating and empowering the poor, the disadvantaged and the marginalized

It was with this in view that St Joseph's evening College was started and I am happy to realize that the institution has largely lived up to its fundamental values and aims, in the pursuit of its motto Faith and Toil, educating and empowering the less privileged sections of society by enhancing their employment potential

I am happy to know that the College website is being updated and I wish the Faculty and students all success, hoping that the updated website will be even more successful in spreading good news of the success of our educational service for the benefit of the weak, the wounded and the weary.

Fr Stany D' Souza
President's Message

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