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Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

Welcome to the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication. This is the place where we teach and let you experience the different facets of communication. In this age of information, communication is a vital force that is linked to many aspects of the functioning of the world as we know it.

The course had its humble beginnings in the year 2002. Our faculty is interdisciplinary and comes from both academic and industry background which helps to provide an informative and enriching experience to the students. Our students are working in dynamic and top notch media organisations such as BBC, Reuters, and News X, among others. The academic discipline of communication is vast and embodies other discrete disciplines such as print journalism, broadcast journalism, communication studies, new media, advertising, public relations, film studies, video production, media culture studies, development communication, environmental communication, media research, among others.

Communication Studies deals with studying human communication and behavioural traits; different aspects of media and their impact on people; communication of culture; and role of communication in environment and development.

The discipline will enable a student to hone essential skills of communication and mass communication to face this challenging world with confidence. This course is an amalgamation of communication theory and practice. The practical components will ensure skill based training related to all elements of media. The theoretical components will lead to formation and transformation of students into empowered, active human beings with a critical mind and compassionate heart towards life, and develop a spirit of enquiry.

The primary aim of this course is to transform students into responsible and ethical human beings with an attitude of service to society through effective communication.

The different courses offered by the department include the following:
MA - Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC)
BA - English, Journalism, Psychology (EJP)
BA - Journalism, Political Science, Sociology (JPS)

Saly Joseph (PDDM)
Associate Professor
M.S.Com, M.Phil (Ph.D)

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Ms. Indumathi . S
Associate Professor
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Ms.Mala Gurbani Jadwani
Associate Professor
Fashion Photography, MA International Journalism
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