Choice Based Credit System

Changes in the expectations from the educational services sector have forced the universities and colleges to adapt to a new paradigm. Colleges are no more centers of imparting and creating knowledge .Apart from knowledge based education, colleges are forced to create skilled and employable Human Resource. As this aspect of education was not given due importance many traditional courses lost steam and failed to attract students. Keeping this I n mind the UGC and Bangalore university have asked all colleges to implement Choice Based Credit System. This is further supported by State higher education council.

Keeping this in mind, St.Joseph’s Evening College, after much deliberations at various staff meetings, has decided to introduce Choice Based Credit System from the academic year 2015-16 for all the courses and across curriculum. The salient features of this system are as follows:

i. Each course shall carry a specific number of credits which are a weightage of a course.

ii. All courses have subjects that include Foundation, core and skill development courses.

iii. The system allows horizontal mobility.

iv. Results are based on Cumulative Grade Point Average. (CGPA)

Subjects of Study:

Part- 1 : Languages;
Students have to study two languages. English is compulsory. Another language can be chosen from Kannada, Hindi and Tamil. If the language that was studied at PUC level is not offered by the college, such students can opt for additional English as a language.

Part-2: Optional/core subjects;
Students can opt for the subjects as prescribed by the university and offered by the college. The Board of Studies of concerned department decides on the subjects to offered by the respective department.

A- Foundation and Skill Development Courses (common to all courses):

i. Compulsory courses in the first and second semesters.
    a. Constitution of India and Human Rights.
    b. Environment and public health.
    c. Computer application and information technology.

In addition to the above students learn a foreign language in on of the semesters. Tentatively the college offers French. It may consider offering other languages depending on the demand.

ii. Skill development courses offered in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth semesters, one in each semester as prescribed by the concerned faculty.

B - Extension, Co-Curricular and Extra-curricular activities:
A student shall opt for any of the activities as prescribed by the college from time to time, one each in the third and fourth semesters. Evaluation is done internally. Credits are decided by the COE in consultation with the Heads of the Departments. The system presently in vogue will be continued for the forth coming batch and necessary changes will be made and presented before the next academic council meeting.

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