Computer Application and Information Technology

Computer Application and Information technology is one of the main components of learning in the contemporary world to the students & it gives vast knowledge about computers in the field of computing, its generations, different devices, different memories, and number of applications.

Computer Application and Information technology implores with operating system functions & how to use the computers in a secure manner, as we know at St. Joseph’s Evening College, students lack in fundamentals, so Computer Fundamentals also help the students how to use common software applications like word processing, spreadsheet program, understanding different types of files, formats, backups and presentation software.

The syllabus of Computer Application and Information technology at SJEC has instructional objectives like how to use the internet in a secure manner, knowing about virus and antivirus, the advantage of database, types of network. The learning outcome would be ultimately the student would come to know what is computer and how to use it to the maximum extent.

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