Director's Message

The Jesuit Path ahead

Inspired by the vision of our founder, St. Ignatius of Loyola, we, the Jesuits constantly strive to form young minds and hearts who would be agents of change in society

and work relentlessly to build a equitable, Democratic, Secular and liberal society that thrives on our Constitutional values of Justice, Equality, Liberty and Fraternity.

As did Ignatius, we acknowledge, to the needs around us. We look for what is around the corner. At a time when the value proposition of higher education is questioned and commodified, we remain focused on providing an education that prepares students for careers, lifelong learning and transformation. We are dedicated in a commitment to educate the whole person. We connect with new generations, to improve and deepen the way we educate, and to transmit and foster new knowledge and ways of thinking and new ways of serving, which is at the heart of the Jesuit path ahead..

St. Joseph's Evening College (Autonomous) is a unique institution that strives to educate and empower the youth from marginalised and undesirable sections of our society. We, at SJEC, aim at transforming young men and women into visionary leaders who always are ready to respond to emerging opportunities. We pay close attention to not just their proficiency but also their lives. We accompany them step-by-step and side-by-side, through their post-pre university experience.

We inculcate in students at all levels of study the skills of critical thinking, analytical reasoning and effective communication. We continue to broaden our outreach and inclusiveness so that our SJEC campus is a living example of our vibrant mission. SJEC reachs out to and enrolls large proportions of first-generation students. The commited Faculty and staff focus their attention on the needs of the whole person.

At SJEC, we are well aware of the inclination and trend lines and well prepared to meet the needs. The Ignatian Way is an intentional system for lifelong study and education. St. Ignatius was an adult learner: He returned to school later in life to improve his prospects, but also to explore his own being, broaden his understanding of the world, and deepen his connection to God. He started as a 38-year-old in a classroom of teenagers. He persevered to higher education, because he appreciated what deep study and discussion could do for individual growth. Today we reach out effectively to these kinds of students at SJEC.

The future of SJEC, is bright because our mission is so necessary, May all who enter the sacred portals of SJEC have a transformative experience; Let the young minds and hearts seeking knowledge be transformed into being visionary leaders at the service of others and the Nation; and many more deserving but denied youngsters may enter the gates of SJEC to seek Knowledge, Wisdom and a Compassionate, Creative and Critical Conscience

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