Experiential Workshop on Guided Imagery as an Integrative Practice

The Department of Psychology and Counselling organised an experiential workshop titled Guided Imagery as an Integrative Practice on Sunday, 6 th September, 2020 from 11 AM to 1 PM. The workshop was held virtually on Google Meet, and was streamed live on YouTube as well. It was facilitated by faculty of the department; Dr. Rekha Ahuja and Ms. Maryanne Pais.

The workshop focused on guided imagery as an integrative therapy that could be used for a variety of purposes including self-care, elevation of mood, and improvement of physical and psychological functioning. The session included a description of the theoretical principles of this practice, as well as demonstrations of imagery experiences. The facilitators also provided practical tips and suggestions, as well as examples of various scripts that may be used to facilitate a guided imagery.

There were 433 registered participants for the workshop from varying occupational and educational backgrounds. Participants included teachers, students, counsellors, therapists, content writers, and corporate professionals from various parts of India including Chennai, Kerala, Maharashtra and Karnataka.

The workshop was well received by participants, many of whom stated that they were integrating it into their professional and personal lives. The department hopes to organise more workshops in the future. It also thanks the management, particularly Fr. Brian Pereira S.J, Director of St. Joseph’s Evening College (Autonomous), Dr. Albert Smith, Principal, and the IQAC of the college for their continued support and mentorship in facilitating workshops and webinars on virtual platforms.


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