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Principal's Message

Ever since its inception, this great temple of learning has always been striving constantly to reach greater heights of excellence and glory in tune with the Jesuit motto "Ad Majorem Dei Gloriem, i.e. for the greater glory of God." When asked how much educated men were superior to those uneducated, Aristotle answered, "As much as the living are to the dead."

The purpose of our education is the 'over all development of the human personality' of every student who passes through the portals of this College, in order to make him/her better citizen of the city of God and the city of man, by inculcating in him/her 3H's and 5 C's. The 3 H's are:
Head - A deep intellectual pursuit;
Heart - The affective or the 'agapeic' dimension. That is, the sacrificial love;
Hands - Service of God realized in and through the service of men and women, especially the last, the least and the lost, who are on the periphery of society.
And the 5 C's are: Creativity, Competence, Conscience, Compassion and Commitment.
A blind man asked Swami Vivekananda, "Can there be anything worse than losing eyesight?"
Swami Vivekananda replied, "Yes, losing your VISION."

Yes, here at St Joseph’s Evening College (Autonomous) our vision is "Empowering youth through excellence in education to shape a better future for humankind." Guided by the motto Fide et Labore, i.e. Faith and toil, we train men and women for others, who are academically accomplished, emotionally balanced, morally upright, socially responsible, ecologically sensitive and professionally dedicated, so that they become a powerful force for the transformation of society.

An educational institution is the corpus of a vision incarnate: "To dream the impossible dream, To reach the unreachable star." It invokes alchemy of a great vision. Moreover, it must also instill vision into generations of learners who tread through its sacred portals invigorating life and spirit into their mortal selves. Hence every learner must be imbued with a vision as high as the farthest skies, as profound as the deepest oceans and as wide as the endless universe, thus inspire to widen one’s horizons, deepen one’s faith and broaden one’s perception. "I would give all the wealth of the world, and all the deeds of all the heroes, for one true vision" were the words of Henry David Thoreau. Yes, St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) is born with and lives for such a great VISION.

The goal of our education is the integral formation of our students helping them become men and women for others. By striving for excellence in learning, creative and practical thinking, and co-operative leadership, we stress both academic excellence and human excellence, inspired by genuine religious and moral values, and with a practical awareness of the prevailing social conditions with commitment to the cause of justice.

Thus a Josephite
Lives with a commitment for justice
Acts from a strong self-concept
Thinks critically and creatively
Communicates effectively
Exercises power appropriately
Cultivates a positive sense of direction and evokes hope
Here we go to 'Dream the impossible dream; to reach the unreachable star…'

Dr. Paul Newman K.

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