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Department of Journalism

The Journalism course is specially designed to give the students an overall idea towards the subject. It aims at making students more competent for a career in print, Electronic, online and other related areas like Advertising, PR, Film making etc. There are eight core papers in journalism, which covers different areas of Journalism and Mass Communication. The theory papers are intended to give the student a deeper understanding of the subject and field. The practical and skill-based papers will go a long way in equipping them for the carrier. It is perceived that, the course based on understanding of various subjects, gives a journalist viewpoint in evaluating the issues, and write meticulously, in the suitable circumstance with accurate view for the readers.

Lead Club
The lead club was established in the year 2002 in order to build creative, technical and writing skills. The activities organised under Lead club are guest lectures, radio recording, newsletter, video editing, preparing documentaries, field visits, Internship, wall journals and other skill based activities orientated towards enabling students to learn skills necessary in communicating through print, electronic and New Media.

Vision statement
To Train the students towards critical and analytical thinking and writing

Mission statement
The Department of Journalism aims at inculcating students for a value based writing with accurate understanding of current scenario.

Sr. Saly Joseph
Assistant Professor & HOD
M.S.Com, Mphil, ( Ph.D)

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Dr. Radhika C A
Assistant Professor
MSc (Electronic Media), Ph. D

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Dr Indumathi S
Assistant Professor
PhD, MS Communication,
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Ms. Mala Gurbani Jadwani
Assistant Professor
MA International Journalism

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