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Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology in St Joseph’s Evening College (Autonomous), one of the youngest departments, was started in the year 2016 with the aim of providing a foundational understanding of psychological concepts at the undergraduate level, and promoting mental health through its counseling service. The department strives to provide the best resources and learning environment for the overall development of an individual’s personality. Along with academic engagements, students are also encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities as part of the psychology association.

The students have opportunities to share their experiences and write about their learning in its magazine. They also get to engage in awareness drives for mental health issues such as suicide prevention. With guest lectures and workshops that aim to provide additional insight and skill, students gain a fair understanding Psychology, which helps train them for further specialized training in the subject and prepare them for life in general.

To enhance students’ self-awareness, empathy and social responsibility

To prepare students for challenges in a dynamic world by imparting knowledge and developing skills that are pertinent to their personal and professional growth.

Mandala is a student run association of the Department of Psychology. Mandala is a graphical representation of the centre or the self as described by neo-Freudian Carl Jung. Examples of the mandala can be found in all cultures. It is found in Christianity in frescoes with animal images representing the apostles. In Indian culture, it is found in yogic practices and religious texts.

Drawing from this concept, the ethos of the association is to Stay Centred. Its various activities thus aim to spread awareness about mental illness and mental health. This, in turn, will help students develop holistically and lead balanced lives.

In this regard, the association organises various workshops, guest lectures, street plays and field visits. Students are also encouraged to share their experiences in the bi-annual magazine titled Reflections. Through their various activities, the association hopes to expose students to the mental health field, and to promote a holistic understanding of mental health.

Dr. Rekha R Ahuja
Assistant Professor and HOD
Ph.D, M.Phil , M.Sc Clinical Psychology
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Maryanne Antoinette Pais
Assistant Professor
MSc. Clinical Psychology, NET

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